Simple, sophisticated financial planning tools.

CashCalc is the best software platform for financial planning firms. We help thousands of advisers deliver life-changing plans and reports for their clients.

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Cashflow planning with outputs your clients will love

CashCalc allows you to create detailed cashflow plans for your clients in just a few minutes. Outputs are refreshingly straightforward, making it easy to understand and engaging for your clients.

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Built for client collaboration

CashCalc comes with beautiful and modern Data Capture Forms built in to save you time and help your clients feel more engaged in their financial future.


The financial planning toolkit used by thousands

CashCalc is available wherever you have an internet connection, even on your mobile or tablet. Create cashflow plans in the office, or give a live demonstration on a tablet in a client's home.

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TVC & APTA shouldn't be complicated

We've created a straightforward and comprehensive tool that produces client-friendly outputs, just for you. Unsure on what you need to do for TVC & APTA? We're here to guide you through the entire process with an easy-to-use interface and a tool that is fully compliant with FCA's requirements.

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Cashflow planning shouldn't be Mission: Impossible

We've designed CashCalc to be intuitive throughout, for both advisers and clients. Outputs are given in a refreshingly straightforward way, meaning your clients are more engaged in their financial future.

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